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Hi! I’m Toby. I manage a small but mighty content marketing team for a software company. I’ve worked on banding and content initiatives for companies large and small for over 20 years, I’ve learned the tricks and made the mistakes over time.

I built the branding toolbox by collecting the tools I’ve built myself over time to keep consistency across everyone who works on content for our company.

You'd be surprised how many people need this info!

Not just your own marketing team, but think copywriters, graphic designers, your HR team, your customer success team. The list is crazy long!

What if you could get all of these guys not just using the same fonts and colors, but the same tone in their copywriting and the same word choice?

You'll have a higher chance of this happening if you take the time to document what people should (and shouldn't) do to communicate about your company.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Use the branding toolbox to keep everyone singing from the same songbook.

Try it out!
If you don't find it useful, I'll refund your purchase 100%

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The Branding Toolbox is a series of Notion templates that will help develop and document your branding and voice and tone guidelines.

Document Your Brand Guidelines
Keep everyone singing from the same songbook by understanding the key pillars of your brand and capturing how you use colors, fonts, and imagery.
Develop Your Tone of Voice
Teach contributors how to write clearly and consistently across teams and channels. Document how you speak about your product, and almost as important, how you don’t.
Branding Resources
See how others have developed their guidelines, and check out some great tools I use to keep consistent and creative.

Branding Toolbox

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